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We are very excited to announce that on September 19th 2020 at 17:55-18:55 pm, the FuturePulse team will host the panel ‘Forecasting success in the music industry’, during the online edition of the Sónar+D conference, Sónar+D CCCB!

As Sónar points outSónar+D CCCB will be a fundamentally online event, free to access and open to all, with the possibility of physical attendance depending on how the legislation regarding capacity evolves”. This extraordinary edition of Sónar+D will take place on September 18th-19th, at Barcelona’s CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), the venue where Sónar first took place 27 years ago.

On September 19th, our very own Daniel Johansson, Researcher at Linnaeus University and journalist at will facilitate the discussions on the panel that we are holding to demonstrate how our project’s innovations, such as sophisticated analytics and predictive modelling services, can help not only analyze music trends, but also make music distribution more effective and profitable. Saki Markovic, Head of Social Media Marketing Nordics at Playground Music Scandinavia, will represent the FuturePulse project to explain our perspectives on how the digitalization of the music industry has changed music discovery.

More details will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

Below you can find more Information about the Panel ‘Forecasting success in the music industry’.

Forecasting success in the music industry

It has never been a better time for artists to get their music out and be discovered by new audiences. It is now easy to record tracks and get them online almost instantly, where they can be potentially discovered by hundreds of millions of listeners around the world. At the same time, with nearly 40,000 new tracks uploaded every day on Spotify alone, the competition to get audience attention is really immense.

Thanks to the digitalization of the music industry, it is now possible to collect billions of music consumption data points which are leveraged by new music analytics platforms to help stakeholders (including independent artists, record labels, local music promoters, background music services) understand the market and maximize their revenues.

While these platforms are capable of providing valuable insights into the geography, demography and usage of today's listeners, it's still a great challenge to make sense of the vast amounts of music analytics and extract actionable knowledge with respect to the future of the music industry.

Some key questions and challenges that will be answered:

  •   How complex is it to combine different data sources to achieve more accurate predictions?
  •   How nearly impossible is it to foresee unanticipated events (such as terrorist attacks and pandemics) and their impact on music?
  •   How can we factor in the subjective nature of human decision making and combine it with our AI toolbox to optimize success?
  •   Sophie Brüggemann, Data Analyst and Researcher at Spinnin’ Records/Warner Music Group
  •   David Weiszfeld, Founder and CEO of Soundcharts
  •   Saki Markovic, Head of Social Media Marketing Nordics at Playground Music Scandinavia

Daniel Johansson, Researcher at Linnaeus University and journalist at

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