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FuturePulse will be participating in Wallifornia MusicTech (WMT) in Liège, Belgium, from July 2nd to July 7th 2019.

WMT brings together music artists, labels, agents, festival organizers, researchers, gamers, musictech start-ups and investors, aiming to foster the creation and development of MusicTech projects while creating a geniune MusicTech ecosystem, whose goal is to shape the future of music.

During the event, more than 500 key professionals of the music industry will have the chance to learn about the latest developments in our project, including live demos with our sophisticated analytics and predictive modelling services.

FuturePulse partner, Musimap will be there sharing why our project’s new capabilities will lead to highly informed business decisions to better understand audiences and the music trends of the future, and ultimately to make music distribution more effective and profitable.

If you are attending, visit our booth and contact Musimap to schedule a private demo!

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