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FuturePulse is here to serve the increasingly complex needs of the music ecosystem, by developing and pilot testing a novel close-to-market music platform in three high-impact use cases.

‘D5.3 Live Music pilot report v1’ is the very first pilot report, which focuses on the Live Music Use Case Scenario, and reports on the testing of the initial system targeting our end user Sónar.

We must pinpoint that this report focuses only on the first round small scale pilot and the planning of the second round medium scale pilot, and delivers a set of concrete user findings for the FuturePulse consortium.

In this report the FuturePulse team:

  • Tests what data sources have been implemented and that the crucial data retrieval necessary for the FuturePulse platform works as expected. Hence, the consortium can learn which data is missing and act on this to make sure to collect the data necessary for the end result.
  • Reports back on how well the predictive functions for analysis of the market in FuturePulse is delivering.
  • Tests that the FuturePulse platform is designed in such a way that it has competitive advantage over other available services on the market.
  • Provides feedback about the music industry and markets needs for the specific use cases, which are essential for dissemination and exploitation purposes.
  • Gives information how the project will succeed in creating a new and novel solution for the market.

Our team is moving forward to adding new features to improve functionality. Αs Elizabeth Muirhead and Gonçal Calvo from BMAT point out, ‘the overall navigation of the user interface will also be an area of review to make it easier to move around the platform and search for information relating to genres, subgenres and the artists themselves’. Work on filtering via popularity has already begun, it being possible to search for popularity of an artist by region and country. Progressing through to genre, age group and specific music platform, will certainly be advances making it possible for such results (along with the integration of electronic music catalogue) to really influence the day to day operations of Sónar and other third party event organisers.

You can read the ‘D5.3 Live Music pilot report v1’ here.


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