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This years’ Sónar+D Innovation Challenge, with a ‘datathon’ format, has been posed by the music analytics platform FuturePulse. Over the past few weeks, two teams assembled via an open call and with the help of the Music Technology Group de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra were tasked with using the FuturePulse API to investigate how predictive analytics can change the music industry.

Alberto González Pulido, Andres Ferraro, Gema FB Martin, Rita Geleta and Sylvain Le Groux were part of Team A, which presented 'Forbidden Territories', an innovative solution using big data to identify and map instances of censorship in music globally.

Ananda Mele , Daniel Rosero, Livia Fioretti and Lorenzo Porcaro were part of Team B, which focused on a practical tool for allowing venues to book online shows based on past booking decisions and a custom 'match' function, with 'See You on the Dancefloor'.

The award for the most innovative solution went to Team B with 'See You on the Dancefloor'! Both teams delivered outstanding projects, with their presentations streamed in an online event, available to re-watch on YouTube.

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