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On the 21st of January 2020, our partners Saki Markovic from Playground Music Scandinavia and Daniel Johansson from Soundtrack Your Brand, were invited to talk about the FuturePulse project, during the biggest conference in Sweden for the live music industry, Sweden Live, at Västerås Konserthus.

Saki and Daniel elaborated on the usage/analysis of streaming and social media data and also gave a brief live demo of the FuturePulse platform to about 300 music professionals, from companies and agencies to students, as well as collective societies, product and app developers. Some of the companies attending the presentation were Live Nation, FKP Scorpio, United Stage, Blixten & Co, as well as many of the largest festivals and venues in Sweden. 


After the session, Saki and Daniel had an ‘after talk’ at the Sweden Live fair booth where they answered questions and could demo the platform more in depth. The talk lead to a lot of interesting meetings and insights. As they mention ‘During the talk we asked the audience how many currently use analytics platforms like Chartmetric and the amount was surprisingly low. This shows that there is still a knowledge gap within the live industry on what data is available and how to utilize it. This is a gap that FuturePulse hopefully could fill’

Many actors from the live industry came to the booth, and follow up meetings are planned for many of them. Already a couple of weeks after the presentation, several live companies have shown interest in subscribing to the platform, as well as implementing FuturePulse technology on their inhouse platforms. 

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