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In the deliverable ‘D4.5 – FuturePulse use case applications v2’, Stamatis Rapanakis (ATC) with the help of Gonçal Calvo (BMAT), Eva Jaho (ATC) and Daniel Johansson (Soundtrack Your Brand), provide an overview of FuturePulse’s significant functionalities available to end users, in all three of the project’s applications, Record Labels, Live Music Events and Streaming Platforms.  The three applications have been used and tested during the first pilot phase by the pilot users.

As the team mentions, as soon users are logged in FuturePulse, they immediately have access to the following functionalities: 

  1. Discography & Typical visuals per artist

This requirement provides to end users a dashboard which is basically an overview about artist's profile (full discography of artist, demographics etc). A timeline section is presented, where users can compare streaming statistics for each artist. Furthermore, users have the ability to see monthly listeners to followers’ conversion rate for artists.


  1. Artist popularity in a given genre

Here users can identify the popularity of an artist within a genre on a specific music (e.g Beatport) or streaming platform (e.g Spotify). This popularity can be refined using chart’s data, social media activity and popularity metrics from streaming platforms. Additionally, to global popularity, users will be able to see Spotify Monthly Listeners, Spotify Listener to Follower Ratio and Spotify Popularity. The results can be also filtered by artist name, genre and territory.




  1. Growth of artist popularity


The growth of artist popularity within a genre is an indicator which will help the end users of FuturePulse to have an overview for each artist (e.g well known artist that is performing less since a year versus a less known one that is performing better because of social buzz, a new release, etc.). Growth of popularity refers to specific time periods (e.g last month,last 3-months)




  1. Top upcoming artists per genre

End users will be able to search and discover new upcoming artists. The motivation behind this functionality is to offer the opportunity to have a pre-selection of new talents which would help promoters to select either an artist instead of another or to find an artist they did not hear about before using the FuturePulse platform. Users will have the ability to identify who are the most upcoming popular artists per genre based on Growth index.

  1. Genre of electronic music

The update status of the current functionality is based on the improvement on the visualisation side, that now shows not only the Electronic Genre or Genre with greater score, but the ones with significant score. As Stamatis Rapanakis mentions, part of that is ‘that FuturePulse now offers fade in - fade out information, compared with first iteration wherein the user would be able to identify the electronic genre and subgenres of each electronic track in the platform, along with other track characteristics (BPM, duration, key etc.)’




  1. Comparisons in genre popularity

Last but not least, users will be able to compare the popularity of different genres in a territory, or the popularity of one genre in different territories. In specific, FuturePulse users will be able to compare the popularity of a specific genre per month, quarter and year.


What other functionalities can end-users enjoy from the FuturePulse platform? Read all about them in our project’s Deliverable D4.5 – FuturePulse use case applications v2.


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