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To serve the increasingly complex needs of the music ecosystem, FuturePulse will develop and pilot test a novel close-to-market music platform in three high-impact Use Cases.

In our project’s first pilot report D5.2 Record Label pilot report v1, we analyse the testing of the initial system targeting mostly the end users within the consortium. This report focuses only on the first phase small scale pilot and not on the later stages (medium and large) as these will be addressed in future reports.

The pilot testing has been conducted by our Record Label use case partner, Playground Music. The results from the first pilot shows both strengths and future challenges of the FuturePulse platform, as expected at the time frame of when the first pilot was conducted.

In specific, the quantitative tests have shown that information sources tracked are correct and accurately presented. Technical feedback has been given to the technical partners and, since we are following an iterative user centric approach, this KPI will be ongoing. As Saki Markovic and Anders Engström point out, it is now high time we put emphasis on the communication of technical improvements and updates in order to present which features are ready for testing, especially for the medium scale pilot.



As for the qualitative aspect, our in-depth tests on the pilot have resulted in many lessons learnt. The biggest one being the importance of design and user interface; being able to present all the data and features in a comprehensive way so that someone who is not deeply involved in the project can make use of it. The testers are certain that the back end developments and features are or will be beneficial to their work, and they should be presented in a user friendly way, so that they can easily use the platform.


Furthermore, it has been taken under consideration that this is a small scale pilot test: on a newly developed platform, which is why expectations have been set accordingly. The focus has been on identifying the different requirements and testing the functionality of them. With that in mind, the pilot testers are satisfied with the outcome and can validate the success of the initial requirements.


Going forward, our team identified a couple of challenges:


  • To be able to really stand out on the market amongst competitors, the platform needs to have some more predictive analytic functionality. This is taken under consideration in future requirements.
  • Another challenge is the design and user interface. In order to attain and retain potential users, the design and user interface is of utmost importance. Our technical team has developed amazing and novel features, which need to be further calibrated to enable the intended users to understand them and apply them in their daily work.
  • A third challenge is the pace of the platform development for the medium scale pilot. During the first phase pilot, we have realised that all the requirements under test have to be fully integrated in order to get a comprehensive feel of the platform. Adding features sporadically has been a challenge when carrying out the test and trying to give a holistic assessment of the platform and its added value.

You can read the ‘D5.2 Record Label pilot report v1here.


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