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The FuturePulse Partners

FuturePulse partnership consists of three pilot partners (Playground, Sónar and Soundtrack Your Brand), each of them coming to the project with unique business cases with high innovation potential. These will be supported by two leading EU research Organisations (CERTH, IRCAM), and three IT, technology and data providers (BMAT, ATC and Musimap) to ensure that a market-ready system and a set of cutting edge services will be delivered after being thoroughly evaluated in real-world business settings.


BMAT, the project coordinator, is a leading music identification and monitoring company. Currently, they provide over 100 CMOs worldwide with music usage reports from more than 7000 TV and radio channels, 1000 venues and 80 Digital Service Providers. Its experience with ELLA, its own music recommendation platform, determines its expertise on the field. BMAT is closely aligned with FuturePulse, offering extensive business and strategy expertise related to the music industry; close links with various actors in the industry; and cutting edge technology in use and ongoing R&D activities in the area of music monitoring and analysis.


Twitter: @BMAT


Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand is a Spotify-backed company founded in 2013 on a mission to kill bad background music. Headquartered in downtown Stockholm, with offices in UK and USA, we’ve spent the last couple of years building the world’s best music streaming service for retail stores and other public establishments. Our state-of the-art music platform and our scientifically proven music curation model are crafted by connoisseurs and perfected with technology. In FuturePulse we are functioning as one of three use cases (Music Platform use case) and as a test bed for the technology being developed in the project.


Twitter: @SoundtrackYour


Playground Music

Playground Music is a record label, founded in 1999 and works in several areas; A & R, marketing, digital development and publishing. For a long time, we have also been the Scandinavian representative for a large number of foreign record labels and distributor digitally and physically for a large number of Nordic companies. Playground is an active member of Merlin, the independents’ rights licensing body and is also actively involved in Association of Independent Music, IMPALA, and Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), each of which represent the interests of the independent music industry. Our mission is to continuously strive towards being the natural and preferred partner for both artists and labels; offering a wide know-how in the music business. Playground is acting as a data source for FuturePulse and is leading the Record Label use case


Twitter: @pgmsweden


ATC SA, is an Information Technology Company (SME) offering solutions and services in specific business sectors, including Media, Banking and Retail, Utilities and the Public Sector. ATC  has great experience into exploiting R&D results to successful commercial products through intense and continuous involvement in cutting-edge research and innovation projects. ATC is exploiting their longstanding experience in development and integration of software platforms for delivering the FuturePulse applications. As a software SME, ATC provides a flexibility in using technologies and has no dependencies with specific tools and hardware platforms. ATC is also contributing to the dissemination and exploitation activities.


Twitter: @iLabATC


CERTH, represented by its Information Technologies Institute, is a leading research institute in Thessaloniki, Greece. The participating team has strong experience in the development of novel data mining and retrieval solutions with an emphasis on social media data, and has a track record of scientific publications to high-impact journals and conferences. In the context of FuturePulse, CERTH is actively contributing to data collection and processing from social media and web sources and to the development of predictive models for future artist/song popularity and trends.


Twitter: @CERTHellas


Musimap is an emotion-sensing AI company powered by more than 20 years of academic research and the latest in AI technologies. Musimap decoded the music DNA of more than 1 million songs so as to map the global music catalogue as the largest neural music network. Based on this asset, Musimap has developed a technology that automatically generates emotional and contextual metadata, personality profiles and emotional states of mind based on music consumption and caters to use cases such as music search, emotional and contextual auto tagging, acoustic similarity matching, recommendation, playlist and user psychographic profiling. In FuturePulse, Musimap performs audio analysis to detect genres, moods, voice gender and acoustic attributes while also creating new algorithms for the estimation and prediction of a song’s popularity.


Twitter: @Musimap


Created in 1994, Sónar Festival is a pioneering cultural event with a unique format and content. Sonar is a festival dedicated to electronic music and digital culture. During its 26 years of existence, Sonar has developed as the main showroom for European advanced music and new media artistic propositions. Sónar's founding values have defined the festival since its inception: the link between creativity and technology, through Sónar +D congress, which commitment is to being a global event and a meeting point for creative people from different disciplines and communities. Since 2002 Sónar has organized more than 50 events in many different parts of the world, adapting the Sónar philosophy to unique venues and environments, and highlighting the most interesting homegrown talent and the scene in the city where it takes place. For Future Pulse, Sónar offers his experience and knowledge in the live music industry, and has joined to the project in order to contribute in creating a new decision making tool for the live music events.


Twitter: @sonarplusd



IRCAM is a French institution associated to Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, dedicated to promoting relationships between science, technology and contemporary artistic production. Its research lab, supported by CNRS and UPMC-Sorbonne Université, is a world leader in the field of Sound and Technology of Music and Sound (STMS) and more specifically in Music Information Retrieval (MIR). IRCAM’s MIR technology is the result of 20 years of R&D in various collaborative projects. It enables to automatically extract music content related information from market-scale recordings databases and is licensed to major actors of the music industry. In FuturePulse, IRCAM’s MIR technology is been enhanced and adapted to the needs of the addressed use-cases.


Twitter: @Ircam

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